The Flash's Wally West Could Be Running To DC's Legends of Tomorrow

The Flash Season 4 has been very disappointing if you are a fan of Wally West/Kid Flash.

Due to real life budgetary reasons, The CW does not want to have two hero speedsters on the same show in order to save some money.

Not to mention The CW wants to tell compelling stories and having two overpowered speedsters on the same show means the villains will look like the underdogs.

Due to this, Wally West/Kid Flash was always kind of written out of the show in Season 4 living in "another city".

Thanks to a new exclusive report from Black Girl Nerds, fans have not seen the last of Wally West/Kid Flash yet. The website got the chance to interview Mark Pedowitz who is the President of The CW Network.

Pedowitz gave this small clue: "He's an incredible actor, but you might see Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale) show up on Legends".

When pressed further on the matter if he will be a permanent member of the team, Pedowitz just said we'll just have to watch and see what happens.

I'm a fan of the Wally West/Kid Flash character and it was disappointing to see him not doing much in Season 4 of The Flash.

If he is added to the DC's Legends of Tomorrow cast instead, this would make me happy.

The Legends of Tomorrow team is down a member since Firestorm is no longer there. There is a vacancy on the team and Wally West/Kid Flash could be a perfect candidate to join the team.

The only thing the writers of Legends of Tomorrow need to do is integrate him into the show without him looking too overpowered. Most of the team in Legends of Tomorrow don't have the speed and power of Kid Flash!

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