Rumor: The Flash Season 4 Main Villain May Have Been Revealed

The Flash Season 4 is going to be on later this year and the main villain may have been revealed already. Fans will be happy to know that this rumor suggests that the main villain will not be another speedster. The Flash already had three speedsters as the antagonists for the past three seasons.

Anyway sources tell TVLine that the bad guy for season 4 will be Clifford DeVoe aka The Thinker. Representatives for the CW refused to comment which is a sign that it could be true. It's possible they may reveal the new villain and the actor to portray him at this year's Comic Con event in July.

Some fans were sick of the fast villains so season 4 will be a lot different. The Thinker is an individual that focuses on telekinesis and mind control. This is similar to the abilities of Gorilla Grodd who can also control the minds of people that stand in his way. It's also refreshing that this villain won't be someone that is close to The Flash team. The previous villains all had masks and their identities were hidden for the majority of the season.

Season 4 of The Flash will have a unique starting point since Barry Allen is stuck inside the Speed Force. It's possible the fourth season could start with a time gap to show us how long Central City has been living without the services of Barry Allen. Central City may not have to worry too much since Wally West is still able to protect its citzens.

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The Flash usually comes back around October, so expect to see the next season until then. We will be doing our weekly reviews and recaps for each episode of the new season so stay tuned for all of the coverage.

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