'90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After' Episode 9: Did Danielle Assault Mohammed

On tonight's episode of "90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After," we get to find out what happened after Danielle's explosive last fight with Mohamed. And do Loren and Alexei actually make it to their second alter?

Alexei and Loren

We return to Alexei and Loren's massive row before they walk down the aisle for a second time. The rabbi comes in manages to help Loren feel a little more relaxed. Alexei himself soon returns and he and Loren make up. Still, Alexei is nervous to find out whether his friends showed up to his wedding. It's very important for him to show off Loren to his friends and family and he wants a sense of validation about both their relationship and his move to America.

When Alexei finally walks down the aisle with his parents, he's relieved to see all of his friends there supporting his marriage to Loren. Soon, the couple say their vows and complete their second marries in Israel.

Paola and Russ

Paola and Russ are continuing to fight about her most recent photo shoot and they decide to have a night out with Russ's friends to get another perspective on the issue. One of Russ's friends asks if Russ expects Paola to try to control any aspect of his work life. Russ wants his friends to see the photos of Paola before siding with her, however. Paola is a little shocked that Russ is so eager to the shop around the photos of her that he's so "ashamed of." Still, Russ shows everyone the photos and while they doesn't produce much of a response, Paola's statement that she wants to move to Florida does. Everyone asks more about this. Paola notes that given how many sacrifices she's made for Russ, she expects him to do the same for her.

Paola gets a contract in the mail from the modeling agency. While she'll have to pay a 20% fee for any gigs she books, the contract is an opportunity for extra income. Russ feels that the tables are turning too much given that Paola is now the primary provider for their family. Paola suggests moving to Miami for a month and establishing a relationship with the modeling agency to assess how much she can earn. Russ is agreeable to this.

Russ notes that he feels it's his chance to make a sacrifice for Paola in supporting her decision to move to Florida for a month.

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Noon and Kyle

Kyle notes that after seeing his mother, he recognizes that there's nothing hold him back from going to Thailand with Noon to visit her family. So he decides to support Noon in going to Thailand for an extended stay of 6 months to visit her family.

Noon and Kyle book tickets to Thailand and set off for the airport. Kyle is able to reflect on how tough it must have been for Noon to move to the US, now that he has to move himself. Still, he believes he's making the right decision.

Danielle and Mohamed

Danielle notes that she's in Miami to make sure that Mohamed keeps his part of the bargain in remaining friends. Danielle says she's going to confront Mohamed and indeed, quickly escalates to accusing him of using her. Danielle threatens to get Mohamed deported. Mohamed reacts by calling the police. Danielle starts to cry. The cops take their statements and inform Danielle that because she threw her binder outside, she can't be charged with assault. Danielle feels upset about being painted as the evil person.

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Melanie and Devar

Melanie and Devar head out for dinner to celebrate the fact that Devar got his green card. They play a practical joke on Bev about her predictions that Devar was going to run off once he got his green card.

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