Watch Seth Meyers Imagine Flying in a Post-Trump Era on 'Late Night With Seth Meyers'

Tonight on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Seth Meyers took a check in on the airline industry and deregulation.

Earlier today, Congress held a hearing with airline employees and management to discuss why air travel has become so bad, in the wake of incidents with United and other airlines.

In a large part, it'll be up to him president Donald Trump to work to come up with solutions for these problems. Unfortunately, according to Seth, it'll be hard for Trump to understand the issues with respect to commercial airline because he's only ever flown in Air Force One and in his own Trump branded plane.

Seth notes that the Trump Lane is plated in gold, down to the seatbelts, and even has a VIP room. That of course begs the question: who's a person who's not allowed in the VIP room? Seth surmised that it was Eric Trump.

Nevertheless, it appears that we are in for some relief, as Trump has promised that he would fix the problems with the airline industry, which he blames on too much regulation.

Here's how Seth Meyers describes it:

So who does the president turn to for advice when it comes to our airlines, airports, and air traffic control issues? [His private pilot.] And before you trust Trump's pilot. Remember, this is Trump's doctor.

Trump has taken steps to dismantle Obama era rules to try to make airlines more transparent by putting on hold a proposal to require more disclosure of passenger fees. According to reports and filings, delaying the implementation of a separate regulations requiring airlines to disclose when they mishandle wheelchairs and motorized scooters for the disabled -- cuz if there is one thing our founding fathers believed it was you had the right to someone's wheelchair and not admit to it.

Although some regulations are burdensome and ineffective, Trump seems to blame them for pretty much all of the government's problems. About a month into his Presidency, he had already signed an executive order aimed at rolling back regulations across government agencies, and here's how he made the case for that regulation: ... Were going to get rid of regulations massively, but it will still be as good as what we have now.

Watch the video below:

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