Star Wars: The Last Jedi Is Already Selling Lots Of Tickets Two Weeks Before Release

The November release of Justice League was shocking mainly because nobody expected its opening weekend to be under $100 million.

Well it's safe to say Disney/Lucasfilm don't have to worry about Star Wars: The Last Jedi because tickets are already being sold two weeks before its North American release.

As reported by, says Star Wars: The Last Jedi is already its best seller for this week. It accounted for around 28.4 percent of tickets sold over the last day.

The movie is outselling films already released at the Box Office.

Coco accounted for 14.9 percent of ticket sales while Justice League is in third place with 9.2 percent. The Last Jedi tickets were released back in October and many other people in various countries have pre-ordered already.

Fan anticipation for the new Star Wars sequel is at fever pitch.

It is already tracking to get a North American Box Office weekend of over $200 million. If the movie is received well, it could come close to the $247 million that The Force Awakens got two years prior.

Other movies that grossed over the $200 million mark in their opening weekends include The Avengers as well as Jurassic World. Avengers: Infinity War could be another movie with an astronomical opening weekend when it comes out next year.

Aside from Jurassic World, every other movie I have mentioned is owned by Disney.

Disney has been a powerhouse thanks to its acquisitions of both Marvel and Lucasfilm. The studio could even add to its portfolio if it buys 20th Century Fox soon.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi releases in North America on December 15th, 2017. It is the eighth movie in the main series, but the 10th one overall if you also include Rogue One and the animated Clone Wars film too.

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