John Williams Set To Return To Score Star Wars: Episode IX

John Williams is pretty much the godfather of Star Wars music as he helped score the eight direct entries in the very popular science fiction franchise.

John Williams will again return to score Episode IX which could be his final contribution to the series.

As reported by Variety, Williams has already told Star Wars: Episode IX director JJ Abrams that he wants to return next year to complete the franchise. This means Williams would have scored all three trilogies in the saga by himself.

The next time we can hear William's music is the main theme of Solo: A Star Wars Story. He's only doing the main theme because the rest of the movie it getting scored by John Powell.

That said, John Powell is still going to incorporate some of William's previous work in the Han Solo movie.

Williams is often regarded to be one of the best film composers of all time and it's great to still see him working at his old age.

Williams took a liking to the new trilogy as he was happy with the theme he created for the character of Rey.

Due to Rey, Williams wanted to complete her journey and didn't feel right if someone else scored both The Last Jedi and Episode IX.

Episode IX could be a very emotional movie for many people. Carrie Fisher passed away so she can no longer be in the film. Not to mention it is most likely going to be William's last contribution to the franchise.

Episode IX is also going to be the last film to focus somewhat on the Skywalker family. After Episode IX, Disney is releasing another new trilogy that will feature different characters from an all-new galaxy.

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