The Flash Movie Script Has Reportedly Been Finished

The Flash movie has been in production for a while now bouncing around lots of directors and writers. Well a director has yet to be found, it appears the script for the film has already been finished.

As reported by Variety writer Justin Kroll, the script for The Flash movie was handled into Warner Bros. earlier this week. This means the movie should be getting a director very soon and the movie can start filming as soon as all of the actors are ready.

In terms of directors, The Lego Movie's Phil Lord and Chris Miller are unlikely to direct it. Many people thought they could direct Flash after they were fired by Lucasfilm for the Han Solo standalone Star Wars movie. This is because both Phil Lord and Chris Miller have signed on to direct another movie called "Artemis". Artemis will keep them occupied for the next few years.

The Flash movie is set to be much different compared to other DC films. This is because it will focus on the popular "Flashpoint" storyline from the comic books. Flashpoint tells us of an alternate reality where the heroes aren't what they seem. It's reported other heroes will be in the film as Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman will be in it.

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Warner Bros. is going all out to establish its own DC cinematic universe after the release of Man of Steel back in 2013. They've released four films so far, and many more will be released in the future. Also in production include Wonder Woman 2, Suicide Squad 2, Shazam, The Batman and many more. Hopefully all of them can live up to the hype!

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