The Flash Season 3 Will See Familiar Faces Return In Upcoming Episodes

Right now The Flash is on a mini break until the end of April. The last few episodes of Season 3 will see some familiar faces returning. Sadly we don't know who these characters are yet, but things are going to escalate very soon with Savitar still on the loose.

Entertainment Weekly had a chance to talk with Andrew Kreisberg who is the executive producer of The Flash. He teased that fans should expect to see some familiar villains appear and one major recurring character is set to come back too. His comments can be seen below.

We have a couple of recurring villains, one major recurring character. It's funny. Every year, around this time of year, I feel like there's this speculation, no matter what show it is, that we don't know what we're doing -- maybe we don't -- but there is a plan

We do know that episode 19 will be an interesting one when it airs on April 25th. This is because Barry Allen travels to the future in the year 2024 and everything is different. Star Labs is gone and pretty much every character is depressed. Not to mention it looks like Killer Frost is still on the loose.

The main goal of Season 3 is to prevent the death of Iris West at the hands of Savitar. The team has yet to figure out his identity, but they know behind the suit of armor is just a man. It will be interesting to see what type of characters are coming back for the rest of Season 3. Time is running out as they only have two more months left to try and change the future to prevent Iris' demise.

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