New Japanese Voice Actress For Bulma Revealed In Dragon Ball Super Cleaning Ad

An advertisement for a cleaning product in Japan has a special crossover with Dragon Ball Super as the characters of Vegeta and Bulma are promoting it.

What's interesting about the new TV advertisement is that it features a new voice actress for Bulma.

As you may have known already, the original Japanese voice actress for Bulma was Hiromi Tsuru, but she sadly passed away last year to an illness.

Now as reported by, an ad from Magiclean Cleanser has revealed what could be her replacement.

It's being noted that the new voice actress for Bulma is none other than Aya Hisakawa. Aya Hisakawa has been a voice in the TV series Sailor Moon among other things as well.

It's unknown at this stage if Aya Hisakawa is a permanent replacement for Bulma, but hopefully Hisakawa is able to voice the character more times in the future because she sounds really good.

She tries her best to sound like Hiromi Tsuru as much as possible. also provided a translation for the advertisement as well. You can read it down below.

Title of the advertisement : The new fight of Vegeta

Vegeta: "I have no more enemies ..."

Bulma: "Outside, maybe, but there's another opponent in the tub! Come help me!"

Vegeta: "Here we are, bathroom ... Huh? Pink? What are these darknesses? I'll get rid of you! FINAL FLASH !!"

Bulma: "Stop!" Against soiling, use that and that! (showing the products)

Anyway speaking of Dragon Ball Super, we will have another review and recap for you guys later this week. It will be episode 128 where Vegeta has to fight Jiren all by himself!

You can also watch the new advertisement yourself in the YouTube video posted. Are you happy with the new voice of Bulma?

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