New Zealand Drama 'Filthy Rich' Not Renewed By TVNZ For Season 3 In 2018

Filthy Rich was an entertaining drama that aired on TVNZ in New Zealand and it ran for two seasons.

The show was really entertaining and looked more big budget than lots of other shows in the country. Sadly though, the show will not be getting a third season.

The Filthy Rich NZ Facebook posted the bad news to everyone. It's possible it was going to be too expensive for them to get funding for a third season. You can read the sad announcement down below.

FILTHY RICH has not been renewed for a third season. Thank you to all our viewers who followed the Truebridges through sick & sin. We'll miss you. Keep supporting NZ drama in 2018.

The first two seasons made the show the most expensive one in New Zealand history. Most shows in New Zealand are tax payer funded, so it's likely people wanted the money put towards something else outside of a TV show.

The sad thing about the show's cancellation is that season two ended on a cliffhanger. Two notable characters died and we will never see its resolution.

As of right now, this is the only announcement that has been made about the show's future. It's highly unlikely the show will be back as a mini series unless the show creators can get money from elsewhere.

It's not too bad for fans because a USA version of the show is currently in the works.

If the pilot is successful, the American version could pick up where the New Zealand version left off if they follow a similar storyline.

For people in New Zealand though, it looks like we are stuck just watching Shortland Street for the rest of our lives. Hopefully the USA version can get better ratings whenever it comes out.

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