'90 Day Fiance' Finale: The Most Shocking Spoilers and Secrets

As this season of '90 Day Fiance' draws to a close, there are still a lot of questions left unanswered.

  • What happens to Mohamed? Does he stay in the U.S.?
  • Does Anfisa end up marrying Jorge? Does he really buy her everything she wants?
  • WTF is with Narkiya and Lowo?
  • Does Devar run off once he gets his green card?
  • And of course, do Azan and Nicole stay together?

We've got the answers to all of your biggest questions, and we're gonna spill the beans.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

'90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After' - What happens to Mohamed?

Toward the end of the season, Mohamed went to Florida and Danielle followed. But what happens next?

Well, Mohamed is still in Florida, and he seems to be having a ton of fun. He hasn't yet been deported, but it appears that he is concerned about deportation.

Mohamed has built quite a following online -- especially of women. He seems to be liking the attention, although he sometimes complains when people post angry comments to him. And He's still hanging out with scantily clad women.

But beyond that, Mohamed seems to be trying to build a brand for himself.

He has created a Youtube channel, and has posted videos to coach other immigrants on how to navigate the pitfalls of coming to the U.S. You can watch one of them:

What happens to Danielle? Although Danielle fell on some rough times with money and her family, she has turned her life around. In addition to finishing her studies, she was offered a job as a nurse's aide.

She kept the last name Jbali, but she insists that she has moved on from Mohamed.

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'90 Day Fiance' - Does Anfisa marry Jorge?

As the season drew to a close, it seemed that Jorge and Anfisa were at the end of the line. But were they?

Although there were plenty of rumors that Anfisa was "sent" back to Russia, that doesn't appear to be the case. As recently as a few days ago she was still in California, wearing expensive clothes and driving fine cars.

But were those Jorge's cars? On her Facebook fan page, she recently posted a photo of him, causing people to think that they did remain together.

However, our sources seem to indicate that they didn't. Anfisa has no mention or photos of Jorge after May, and there is no evidence of a wedding in public records -- at least one that we could find.

Meanwhile, Jorge's (alleged) Facebook stopped showing photos of the two together after July. It was recently deleted.

The upshot? We think that Anfisa and Jorge are no longer together. Update: Jorge and Anfisa do end up marrying, and during the final tell-all for the show, they are together (but they're fighting throughout).

However, we still think that our initial analysis was accurate -- that they didn't remain together. Anfisa has made her Facebook page private, so we don't really have a way to verify at this point.

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'90 Day Fiance': WTF is with Narkiya and Lowo?

Narkiya and Lowo were delayed from completing their marriage journey because Lowo said he needed to get documentation from Vietnam. Narkiya didn't believe him, so she went to Vietnam to check on him.

Narkiya and Lowo actually are still together, and they're still in Vietname. On Narkiya's Instagram, she posts several pictures of the two of them, like this one from a few days ago:

A photo posted by Narkyia Lathan (@mzkyia79) on

Narkiya and Lowo's were originally planning to wed on September 17, 2016. However, we don't believe that occured because of visa issues.

We expect them to get married either in the season finale or possibly in a later season.

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'90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After' - Does Devar run off when he gets his green card?

Throughout the last two seasons, TLC has made Melanie and Devar seem like they have constantly been headed toward trouble.

Lately there has been a lot of friction between the to because of money -- Devar's goal was to support both Melanie and his sister back home -- and he was gonna do it regardless of what Melanie thought.

Well, things have been great between these two for a long time -- much better than TLC made it seem.

Melanie and Devar are living in Pennsylvania, but they've been partying together all over, including in Jamaica.

It seems that they had a second wedding in Jamaica recently, where Devar was happily posing for photos with Melanie's family, and Melanie was happily posing with Devar's sisters.

Posted by Melanie Walters on Sunday, November 6, 2016

No drama to see here, guys.

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'90 Day Fiance' - What happens to Nicole and Azan?

Nicole and Azan haven't gotten married -- yet. But that doesn't mean they broke up.

Several weeks ago, reported that Azan and Nicole didn't break up. On what appears to be Azan's Facebook, he posted affectionately about Nicole during the summer. And on Nicole's Twitter, it looks like wants to please Azan by looking healthier.

But there's significant evidence that this relationship is still going. On Azan's Twitter he posted this recently:

Nevertheless, Azan appears to still be in Morocco, and he seems to not have an active plan to leave. He has been spending time with his extended family, and enjoying the sites.

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'90 Day Fiance' - What happens to Matt and Alla, and Chantel and Pedro

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'90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After' - What happens to Loren and Alexei, and Kyle and Noon

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