WWE Getting Lots Of Money Via New Raw and Smackdown TV Deals

The WWE is going to get a lot of money through the next five years because both Fox and NBCUniversal are going to pay lots of dollars for the rights to the Smackdown and Raw TV shows respectively.

Due to this, the stock price for the company has increased to its highest ever peak.

The reports are true because The Hollywood Reporter announced that Fox has nabbed the rights to air Smackdown on Friday nights starting in 2019. The entire deal cost the network $1.025 billion over five years so that's close to $200 million a year.

To make the wrestling company even happier, NBCUniversal has agreed to pay $265 million per year to retain the rights to Monday Night Raw.

This is a huge increase from the $130 million per year deal that the company currently has for both Raw and Smackdown.

This will be the biggest TV deal WWE has ever made and is one of the reasons why the company does not want to put Raw and Smackdown on the WWE Network.

TV deals are still the company's biggest revenue earner and they will be very happy for the next five years.

Hopefully the increased TV deals means there will be some changes to the current format for both shows. Right now, both shows feel a little stale by featuring the same matches week in and week out.

It will be interesting to see if WWE decides to end the brand split next year so that every big star can appear on both Raw and Smackdown shows.

For now, fans just have to wait as the new TV deals won't take place until Fall 2019.

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