10 Christmas Gifts For Zombie Apocalypse Survival Found On Etsy

If you've already found your survival buddy for the zombie apocalypse, then consider this a gift for yourself as well.

Few things seal the deal on a friendship than giving zombie apocalypse survival gear, and Etsy.com is stocked with some deadly deals on zombie-inspired goods this Christmas.

Let's be real: zombies are forever.

Werewolves had their time in the spotlight, and somehow vampires are still holding on to their fifteen minutes, but zombies? They've been hip since the first "Night of the Living Dead," and have transcended the generations to be revived in hundreds of movies, books, and video games.

2015 sees the release of "Dying Light" and "Dead Island 2," and The Walking Dead is going no where fast (heh heh, get it?).

With that said, it's never too late to begin preparing for the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

It's only a matter of years until one bad batch of hamburger meat doesn't get recalled and some version of mad cow mutates into humanity and BOOM end of days.

I hope you have your katana ready, but if you don't, Etsy's got ya covered:

1. This lovely apocalypse survival charm bracelet. Aside from a working mini-compass, it comes with a fashionable check list of everything you'll need to find once the world goes to hell.

2. A tiny zombie terrarium. In a dreary, post-apocalyptic world, this will bring some bright green cheer to your gift-receivers life.

3. This zombie-print beer glass. Beer will be a necessity during the apocalypse.

4. This handy wall decal warning. Save your friend the time of actually having to write this with probably someone's infected blood.

5. A hand-forged authentic silver traditional Japanese Samurai Sword folded steel katana with 15 stage hand-polished finish. Because obviously.

6. An emergency zombie survival kit messenger bag. For some post-apocalyptic street style.

7. Some Zombie sugar body scrub. Because, god forbid you're bitten (which is gross btw), you'll need something to keep as fresh as the living.

8. These zombie horde book ends. To keep your survival guide and apocalypse manifesto in good order.

9. A blood art splattered t-shirt. In case anyone ever questions how hard core you are.

10. This Zombie Apocalypse Survival Rules poster. Lest you dare to forget.