Owen & Haatchi Appear on ESPN's E:60 Season Finale

Owen is a nine-year-old boy facing things no child should go through. His best friend is Haatchi, a remarkable dog. Together the two are part of a story that provides inspiration for anyone facing adversity.

Both the boy and the dog have gone through hard times, which makes there bond stronger. Haatchi was less than a year old when he was deliberately tied to a railroad track in North London and hit by a train.

His tail was severed and his rear leg severely damaged.

The dog managed to walk away and hid for around five days before he was rescued.

He ultimately lost his leg and tail, but the lack of them did not stop him from embarking on a remarkable journey with Owen who suffers from a rare genetic condition.

The pair were profiled on the season finale of ESPN's "E:60."

"One, he's awesome," said Owen of his furry pal. "Two, he's awesome, three, he's awesome and four, he's brilliant"

Owen has Schwartz-Jampel syndrome, a condition which causes his muscles to constantly seize involuntarily. Before he met Haatchi he did not like to leave the house and was socially withdrawn.

The dog changed that and the pair has become an unlikely championship duo entering a local dog show -- in the category of best rescue dog -- and won.

They kept winning and eventually made it to the biggest dog show in the United Kingdom.

The pair have become an inspiration in England where people have supported the efforts of the giant dog and the tiny boy.

"It's an amazing bond," said Owen, who despite his many physical problems has a normal life expectancy. "It hurts quite a lot, actually."

Owen believes that because of the dog's struggle and his own, the two understand each other.

"It was as if two lost souls had met," said Owen's father.

Owen said the dog changed his life.

"I'm not shy any more," he said. "That's how he changed my life."

Haatchi, with Owen by his side, won the Cruft's "Friends for Life Award," the biggest honor in England for a dog.

See this remarkable duo below: