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'Meet the Putmans' Episode 1 Recap: Who Are They?

"Meet the Putmans," the new show on TLC, is premiering tonight and combines elements from many of the networks hits shows. For instance, there's a Duggar flair, in that there's a lot of people living under one roof. But there's also an "Outdaughtered" bent, given the number of children featured on the show. In reality, the Putmans are a couple whose four children moved back home along with their children. As a result, 10 adults and 15 children all came together to live under one roof. Read on to learn the dirt about how this family came together to live with one another and what the drama and conflict is all about in this household.

"90 Day Fiance: What Now?" Aleksandra and Josh's Daughter: Are The Shocking Allegations True?

Aleksandra and Josh are one of the more successful couples from "90 Day Fiance" having navigated the K1 visa process better than most couples. Although Josh talked about his concerns about Aleksandra's "old life" and fears about how she was drinking and dancing at clubs when she was living in Prague, the couple tied the knot happily and clearly seemed to have affection for each other based on the taping of them. However, since being featured on "90 Day Fiance: What Now," the couple has been receiving a lot of scrunity and negative publicity around the question of their daughter, Kaya, and who her true father is. Read on below to learn more about the allegations.