Intense Extended Promo For Arrow Season 5 Episode 10 Brings Laurel Back

It looks like Laurel Lance will be joining her once grieving friends again.

However, will this be the same caring and selfless Laurel that we came to love over the years? The latest extended promo for Arrow's upcoming episode 10 of season five says otherwise.

The trailer for episode 10 finds Oliver sharing a toast with Laurel in the beginning, the rest of the teaser consists of a battle between Prometheus and the Green Arrow as Oliver is made aware that authorities believe the Green Arrow was pressured into killing the detective.

Meanwhile, Diggle is taking his incarceration head-on as he seeks to prove his innocence and get back to protecting his family.

Then, out of nowhere a big shocker comes when Laurel's Canary Cry happens to be a part of her now, however, it's not the old Laurel, there is something a big more sinister about her this time around.

Things are truly starting to heat up on the CWTV hit series Arrow. Arrow returns on Wednesday, January 25, 2017. You can check out the extended trailer for episode 10 below.

Intense Extended Promo For Arrow Season 5 Episode 10 Brings Laurel Back

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