Dragon Ball Super Episode 120 And 121 Titles And Plot Summaries Revealed

We have some plot summaries and titles for the upcoming Dragon Ball Super episodes for the remainder of 2017. It's also worth mentioning that there is no new episode being aired on New Year's Eve.

Anyway, the ever reliable Ken Xyro on Facebook has translated and found the recent episode and titles for upcoming Dragon Ball Super episodes via V-Jump magazine.

It sounds like things will start to crumble for many of the teams left in the tournament.

Spoilers for future episodes will be discussed here so avoid reading if you want to watch the episodes with a fresh mind. Below are the descriptions and titles.

First of all, there's episode 120 airing on December 17th, 2017 and the title is called "Perfect Survival Strategy! Deadly Assassins of Universe 3".

The plot summary says: "Although Piccolo faces an accident and falls off the stage, Universe 7 warriors defeat the formidable invisible enemy, Gamisaras and the bug-human, Danom, which results in Universe 4 getting erased.

Universe 3, 7 and 11 remain. Though because of Jiren, Universe 11 is the toughest opponent, Universe 3's survival strategy of having the most warriors remain, is successful.

At last, it's time for Universe 3 to make their move. Koitsukai and his teammates from Universe 3 begin their attack on Goku and his teammates."

After that we have episode 121 which is airing on December 24th, 2017 (Christmas Eve). The title of the episode is called "All Out War! Ultimate 4-Way Union vs The Entire Universe 7".

The plot summary says: "Universe 3 warriors merge and go up against Goku and his teammates as the fight for survival between the two universes reaches its climax. But it looks like Universe 3 is still hiding something".

We also get a title only for episode 122. Dragon Ball Super is skipping New Year's Eve so this new episode will air on January 7th, 2018 instead.

The title of episode 122 is called "Risking His Pride! Vegeta's Challenge To The Strongest". It's a safe bet Vegeta goes up against Jiren in this episode!

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