Justice League Movie Confirmed To Have Two Post Credit Scenes

The social media embargo has been lifted for the Justice League movie and the first reactions have now hit the web.

The reactions also confirm that the film has two post credit scenes that you have to watch. If you plan on watching the movie next week, stay in your seats or else you might miss some important footage.

The post credit scenes were confirmed by Paul Shirey from JoBlo.com on Twitter. He posted: "And yes, stay in your seats to the post and end credits.

(Yes, there are two) Don't let anyone spoil them for you beforehand". It appears DC is following in Marvel's steps giving fans something extra even when the main movie has finished.

Heroic Hollywood also shared many of the tweets from other reviewers and their early thoughts on the Justice League movie. Full reviews won't be posted up until a few day's time, but the early reactions seem mostly positive so far.

The positive things about the movie is the action and that the main heroes are funny and entertaining. The Flash, Wonder Woman and Aquaman are said to be the three crowd pleasers.

They also mention that the movie is mostly fun from beginning to end. Some reviewers feel it's an improvement over both Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad.

The negative things mentioned so far include the story as well as the villain Steppenwolf.

Many critics feel Steppenwolf is just a weak CGI villain. Overall, it sounds like the movie isn't perfect but will still be enjoyable to a lot of DC fans around the world.

You can judge for yourself when the movie hits cinemas in North America on November 17th, 2017. Hopefully the movie is able to be successful much like Wonder Woman was when it came out earlier this year.

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