Box Office: Ocean's 8 Steals Its Way To The Number 1 Spot

The Box Office number 1 spot was stolen by Ocean's 8 this week and it's looking like a good opening from the movie released by Warner Bros.

The movie opened to initial expectations and things should be looking good for the film for the rest of June.

As reported by Box Office Mojo, Ocean's 8 opened this weekend to an impressive $41.5 million in North America. This is said to be a decent opening for a film that received a $70 million budget.

Ocean's 8 is expected to gross around $130 million by the end of its domestic run.

The film received a B+ Cinemascore rating meaning word of mouth is quite solid so far. From a worldwide standpoint, the film has made just over $53.7 million.

The main thing stopping the movie's momentum is a pair of big films coming out in the next few weeks.

Next weekend sees the release of The Incredibles 2 while the week after that Universal Pictures is releasing Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

A pair of new releases such as Hereditary and Hotel Artemis failed to excite movie goers over in North America. The two films opened to a pretty low weekend of $13 million and $3.15 million respectively.

The Cinemascore for Hereditary is shocking as audience members gave it a grade of D+. As for Hotel Artemis, that movie did not fare any better receiving a grade of just C-.

Previous blockbusters are doing very well including two Marvel properties. Avengers: Infinity War is inching closer to grossing over $2 billion at the Box Office while Deadpool has now grossed $655 million.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is sadly still under-performing which can be seen as a disappointment for both Disney and Lucasfilm.

The new Star Wars film has grossed $312.2 million globally and may struggle to get over $400 million by the end of its worldwide run.

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