Tom Holland Talks Spider-Man: Homecoming and More On The Ellen Show

The Spider-Man: Homecoming film may be a little ways away but Tom Holland managed to stop by The Ellen Show for his American talk show debut in which he dished about the film and much more.

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DeGeneres welcomed Holland to the show and said she remembered him in The Impossible where he starred alongside Naomi Watts. Holland was 14 at the time of that film and has been acting for nearly 10 years now. Meanwhile, the star is turning 21 in June and said the most stressful part of getting older thus far has been trying to find an apartment.

His mother told him she found the most amazing apartment but it was a stones-throw away from his mother's house. Holland ended up taking the apartment as his mother had already put in an offer for it.

DeGeneres then dove into the subject of the new Spider-Man: Homecoming film and Holland admitted that he was a fan of the superhero growing up. He found out that he got the role after auditioning for the role for five months. However, it wasn't in the way we would expect it. Holland, like the rest of Spidey fans, had to follow Marvel's scavenger hunt to find out that he would be the face of the new rebooted franchise.

You can hear more from Tom Holland's interview on The Ellen Show in the video below. Spider-Man: Homecoming opens up in theaters on July 7.

Tom Holland Talks Spider-Man: Homecoming and More On The Ellen Show

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