Justice League Deleted Scene Gives Us A Look At Superman's Black Suit

In the comic books, Superman was resurrected after his 'death' at the hands of Doomsday wearing a cool looking black suit as well as an outdated '90s mullet.

Sadly, the Justice League movie that Came out last year did not feature the mullet or the black suit.

Since Justice League came out in 2017, fans were not expecting Superman actor Henry Cavill to sport a mullet. However, there were many fans hoping that the black suit would at least make a one time appearance.

Sadly though, Superman got revived in the film and he only came out in his classic red and blue suit. However, a deleted scene now gives us a small glimpse of Superman's black suit.

The new deleted scene is less than one minute long, but you can look at the black suit hovering in the background when Superman is back inside the Fortress of Solitude, It's an Easter Egg that is sure to please many diehard DC fans out there.

Not to mention the scene also includes the excellent Hans Zimmer score that was used in Man of Steel.

The actual Justice League movie sadly did not recycle much of Zimmer's work and was replaced with new recordings done by Danny Elfman.

Thanks to this deleted scene, fans are even more eager to see an extended cut.

Some fans are even still hopeful Warner Bros is going to release a Zack Snyder cut of the film that was never seen by the wider public.

As of right now, there are no plans for an extended cut because the Blu-ray release of the film will just add a couple of deleted scenes and that's about it.

Even though fans have created petitions for a Zack Snyder cut, it does not look like Warner Bros is going to listen to all of the demand...

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