Dragon Ball Super Episode 97 Review/Recap: The Tournament Of Power Finally Starts

It was February since the Universe Survival Saga started in Dragon Ball Super, but finally the day has come. After a five month long buildup, the Tournament of Power has started and it does not disappoint. Episode 97 has got to be one of the most entertaining and action packed episodes of the series to date.

Before the Tournament of Power officially begins, The Grand Priest goes over the rules for one last time. The tournament has a time limit of only 48 minutes. Since this is Dragon Ball, those 48 minutes are going to last for several episodes so don't worry about it.

To eliminate an opponent, they have to knock them out of the stage. Even if a fighter is knocked out on the floor, they have to drag them out to eliminate them. There are no weapons allowed and killing is banned. No flying is allowed unless a fighter naturally has wings. Last of all, no healing is allowed too so this means Universe 7 cannot use Senzu Beans or Piccolo's powers.

Everyone is standing around ready for the fight to start. Gohan wants Universe 7 to stick as a group as it will better their chances of winning. Vegeta and Frieza find that to be a boring plan. Beerus gets annoyed that nobody wants to listen to Gohan's plan. Kale from Universe 6 seems to be the only fighter that is scared. Caulifa tells her not to worry because she can turn into her Broly form.

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Anyway, the fight starts and all hell breaks loose. I'll try my best to describe everything that happened since a lot of characters are involved. It's pretty cool to see so many different characters fighting all at once. This episode didn't only focus on all of the Universe 7 fighters. Only Jiren, Caulifa, Kale and Cabba didn't have a chance to fight in today's episode. We can be sure that they will do more in the Dragon Ball Super episodes to come.

As expected, Gohan's plan fails and most of them fly off to do their own thing. The only people that stick with him are Piccolo, Tien, Master Roshi and Krillin. Everyone else on the team gets too impatient. Goku wants to fight Toppo and Jiren, but he gets distracted with someone else.

An early threat in the tournament is one of the robots from Universe 3. It uses a spinning technique to bash a lot of people. However, the robot's plan fails when Hit and Basil disables its legs. It looks like Universe 3 won't be winning the tournament anymore...

Basil was actually the MVP of this episode in my opinion. Not only did he disable the robot, but he eliminated the first competitor. His power was too much for a butterfly looking girl from Universe 10 to handle. She falls out of the ring, but thankfully she isn't dead. People that are eliminated just get seated back to the spectator seats. The Zen-Ohs have an iPad (God Pad) to keep track of the eliminated fighters.

Basil also nearly eliminates another fighter from Universe 10 too. Although this fighter is more powerful because he's a sumo wrestler. On the other side of the ring, Gohan's group has to fend off fighters that are surrounding them. Vegeta, Goku, Frieza, No. 17 and No. 18 are elsewhere focusing on their own battles.

The only drama that occurred in this episode was Goku nearly getting eliminated. A guy named Nink (big green guy) gets him in a bear hig and threatens to walk over the edge. That way, Goku is eliminated too so Universe 7's biggest threat is gone! His plan nearly works, until Goku powers up to Super Saiyan Blue and knocks Nink out of the ring. Two fighters are now out of the tournament. Beerus is again getting a heart attack on all the close calls he has seen today.

Overall, this episode was excellent. I like the fact that every fighter in this tournament is a formidable fighter. There's no stupid joke characters added here like Monaka or Hercule. This Tournament of Power should be great if this is the type of action that is to come. Next week of Dragon Ball Super is more of the same. Can Universe 7 pull it off?

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