Screen Junkies Releases 'Guardians Of The Galaxy Honest Trailer'

After an incredible amount of requests from fans, as prove by the intro for the newest "Honest Trailer," Screen Junkies turns their attention to "Guardians of The Galaxy" send a few shots at Marvel in the process.

(Video Below)

With the continuous success with their "Honest Trailers" series, Screen Junkies takes a very unorthodox but relentless approach to revamping movie trailers of some of the most popular films.

In the "Guardians of The Galaxy" trailer they explore the strange casting along with bits and pieces that are very similar to that of Star Wars.

They also question the choice of the "Guardians of The Galaxy" as being one of the supergroups that were chosen for their own film.

"Guardians of the Galaxy ruled the summer box office and won the heart of America. We relive the movie that proved that people will see ANYTHING with Marvel's name on it!" read the caption of the video.

The comedic and satiric approach to being real about the comic book films that have been releasing prove to be very popular among social media.

It's not essentially bashing as even the narrator has to admit, the company was really reaching because the film was such a fun one.

Watch the "Guardians of The Galaxy" Honest Trailer

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