American Fox Channel To Remake New Zealand TV Series Called 'Filthy Rich'

Filthy Rich is a New Zealand drama that aired on the country's TV2 channel.

Fox in the USA likes the TV show so much that they plan on making a remake. A pilot has been commissioned so hopefully it gets picked up for a full first season if network executives like it.

Deadline reports that the American version of Filthy Rich will be written and directed by Tate Taylor.

People may know Tate Taylor for his work on The Help as well as The Girl on the Train. It will have the same name as the New Zealand series and is set to have the same premise.

I have watched the New Zealand version of the series and I find it to be very interesting. The show is basically about a family linked to a businessman that recently died.

The businessman has three unknown heirs who inherit a share of his wealth along with the step mother. The family all have their own agendas and some of them want to have all the power.

The New Zealand version has run for two seasons already when it aired on TVNZ's TV2 channel. The story is exciting mainly because there are multiple characters and many plotlines to follow.

It also has a lot for everyone. The TV series has drama, comedy and action rolled into one.

I do hope that the USA version of the series retains the racial diversity.

Race somewhat plays into the storylines since one of the characters is very racist. Not to mention the Samoan character named Joe wants to share his wealth with the less fortunate.

I'm also hoping the USA series gets a full run so I can review it for you guys each and every week.

I can compare it to the original since I've watched all of the New Zealand episodes of Filthy Rich!

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