Best Buy Reveals What Could Be The Justice League Blu-ray Release Date

After a few days that the digital release date for Justice League was revealed early on iTunes, now we have another retailer revealing a release date for the movie too.

North American retailer Best Buy has listed a release date for the Blu-ray version of Justice League.

The Blu-ray release date for Justice League is listed as March 13th, 2018. This date could be feasible because it lands on a Tuesday which is normally the day movies come out for home release.

Not only is the release date revealed, but it shows the cool Jim Lee artwork for the Steelbook cover. It features comic book style illustrations of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg.

No details have been revealed yet for special features, but the listing does not indicate that there will be a Zack Snyder extended cut that some fans have been clamoring for.

It appears we just have to live with the theatrical version of the film for the time being.

This is because the listed duration for the film is only 121 minutes.

This is the same length as the version everyone else saw. If an extended cut was to be included, the duration would have been listed to something closer to 150 or 180 minutes long.

As for the Steelbook edition of the movie, it comes with a Blu-ray disc, a DVD disc plus a digital copy for you to use on your computer or phone/tablet device.

The movie itself isn't perfect, but it's a fun popcorn style film you can still somewhat enjoy.

It will be a long wait for DC movie fans mainly because the next film in the franchise is Aquaman which isn't out until December 2018.

Marvel Studios and 20th Century Fox are going all out this year instead both releasing three comic book movies each!

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