Marvel's Inhumans Episode 3 'Divide and Conquer' Review

Marvel's Inhumans continues with its third episode called 'Divide and Conquer'.

The episode isn't actually that bad, but it still lacks comic book style action. The show writers are taking things very slowly and it's hard to pinpoint what type of show this wants to be.

As I mentioned last week, most of the main characters do not use their powers and this theme continues in this third episode. Medusa is pretty much useless without her hair, and now she's just a clueless nobody in Hawaii.

The only funny part was her trying to demand money from an ATM machine. She also trespassed in someone's rich home and stole some supplies.

Things are the same for Black Bolt. Black Bolt is stuck in prison for the damage he caused in the second episode. However, Black Bolt meets another guy in prison with powers named Sammy.

The two plan a prison escape which is cool to see.

That said, Black Bolt still doesn't showcase all of his abilities as seen in the comic books. All he is on the TV show is a mute normal looking human.

The only action sequence that occurred this week in Marvel's Inhumans came from the character of Gorgon.

Maximus has sent a group of his bounty hunters to try and find the Inhumans hiding out in Hawaii. Gorgon manages to have a cool fight with Auran and other members of her team.

Nothing much happens to Karnak this week as he has been kidnapped by a group of drug dealers. He too lacks powers in this episode.

It just feels weird to me that everyone feels "normal' in a TV series called 'Inhumans'. I want to see comic book style action, and not a bunch of normal humans in a Marvel TV series!

Crystal does a little bit more with her powers in the latter end of the episode. She even gets Lockjaw back.

Still, it seems as if the low budget is holding the TV series down.

The CW is able to give us cool action sequences in shows like The Flash and Supergirl. Here in Inhumans, the action is too few and far between.

Another weak part of the series is the character of Maximus. Unlike Loki, Maximus just feels like a useless character.

He has no powers of his own and all he does is hide on Attlian barking orders to everyone else. He's just not intimidating enough to be the main villain of the show.

I will continue to watch the series just to see how it all unfolds. Marvel's Inhumans has the potential to be a great TV show, but making the characters "normal" makes it seem like I'm watching Prison Break instead.

Hopefully we get to see more superhero type of action in the episodes that are to come.

I'm keeping my hopes up, although I doubt the series is going to get any better. I'm hoping I'm wrong, but things are not looking good.

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