A Doctor Doom Movie Might Be In The Works From Fox

20th Century Fox has pretty much failed to make Doctor Doom cool on two separate occasions. It seems as if they are going to give the character another go in his own standalone movie. This time, the project will be developed by Noah Hawley.

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As reported by Deadline, Noah Hawley revealed this news during the Legion panel at the San Diego Comic Con event. Nothing else was mentioned because Hawley just said the big news at the end of his panel. We do know that 20th Century Fox is backing the project, so sadly the rights won't be reverted back to Marvel anytime soon. Hawley is writing the script and is hoping to also direct the movie too.

If this movie does go ahead, this will be the third time to kick-start a Fantastic Four universe. In the early '00s, we had two cheesy movies starring Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba, Chris Evans, Michael Chiklis and Julian McMahon as Doctor Doom. Both films were critically panned, although they didn't do too badly at the Box Office.

The second reboot came out in 2015 and Toby Kebbell played Doctor Doom in this iteration. However, this movie was a huge flop and is one of the most worst reviewed superhero movies of all time. It was also a failure at the Box Office so 20th Century Fox canceled the planned sequel immediately.

Since Marvel has managed to successfully reboot Spider-Man for a third time, 20th Century Fox might have had some confidence to try again. Not to mention Sony is developing its own Venom movie and he's a villain too. Movies about villains could be the new norm if they are successful.

A Doctor Doom origin story will be cool to see if it's done right. In the comic books, he's one of the most powerful villains in the Marvel universe. It's too bad the movie versions have failed in comparision up to this point.

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