Users Are Downvoting The Rating For Solo: A Star Wars Story Already Online

Solo: A Star Wars Story is already out for most people around the world, and it sounds like average movie goers are more strict than critics once again.

The user ratings for the movie online is far lower than what the mainstream critics think of the movie so far.

As seen on Rotten Tomatoes, Solo: A Star Wars Story has a respectable score of 70 percent by critics.

While this number is far lower than the other Disney produced Star Wars films, it's still high enough to be categorized as a "fresh" rating.

However, if you look at the user score on Rotten Tomatoes you can see that the rating for the film is only at 54 percent.

This is a similar low user score that Star Wars: The Last Jedi also received a few months ago.

Things are similar if you look over at the ratings on Metacritic. The media score for the movie on Metacritic is an average of 63 percent while the user score is much lower at a score of only 5.1/10.

Even though there are several Metacritic users that like the film, they are evenly matched by a ton of users that have given the movie a very negative score. Only a few users have given the movie a "mixed" score.

Are these user scores totally accurate for the whole audience? Well it's hard to tell mainly because a group of angry fans have been wanting to boycott the movie for months now even before they've even watched it.

However, there might be some legitimate Star Wars fans that don't like the film since The Last Jedi also upset many fans that were not simply trolls.

We may have to wait until the official Cinemascore grade gets approved to truly see how popular Solo: A Star Wars Story really is.

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