Superman Is Returning To The Supergirl TV Series In Season 2 Finale

The Season 2 finale of Supergirl is close upon us and it could be a huge showdown.

This is because Supergirl will not go unaided in the finale. Her cousin Superman will be returning to help her out in what is expected to be an exciting and explosive season finale.

E! News reports that Superman actor Tyler Hoechlin is returning to the Supergirl TV series for its final episode of season 2. Sadly though, no additional story details have been revealed so far.

We still have several more episodes left to go until the season finale, so more developments should be coming. Minor spoilers follow below as I recap where the series last left off.

Before the TV series took a mini-break this month, the last thing we saw was Teri Hatcher's Queen Rhea seeking revenge on Supergirl. Rhea hates the fact that Supergirl has "changed" her son Mon El.

Mon El was supposed to return to his home world of Daxam and rule as a prince. Mon El decided to live as a normal being on Earth due to his love for Kara/Supergirl.

Queen Rhea hated the fact that her son wants to stay on Earth and the cliffhanger was that she was going to wage war on Supergirl.

She will probably conjure up some evil alien army that will invade Earth which is why Superman might be needed.

In either case, the Tyler Hoechlin version of Superman was well praised when he first appeared in the TV series late last year. Unlike Zack Snyder's rendition of the character, the Superman here is more happy and doesn't get depressed when he's trying to save people.

Hopefully Zack Snyder improves his version of Superman in the Justice League and other future films. Henry Cavill makes a great Superman, but he's bogged down by bad scripts...

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