The Uncharted Movie To Feel Like 'Indiana Jones' For A New Generation

The Uncharted movie has been planned for many years now, although nothing has come into fruition a decade after the first game came out. Now the movie's director, Shawn Levy, has given us details on his approach for the film.

Levy was recently interviewed by Nerdist (via Heroic Hollywood), and he hopes to take the spirit of the games as well as the Indiana Jones franchise. Since there is a lot of younger people that never watched the Indiana Jones series, the Uncharted film could fit the that void. You can read more on his comments down below.

So, we're trying to kind of take the spirit and the tone and the attitude of the game -- and the crazy, visual spectacle of it -- but apply it to this Drake chapter that you haven't seen told. Hopefully, if we can get that right, what you're doing is: you're doing right by Uncharted, and you're also giving an Indiana Jones-type franchise to an audience that didn't grow up on Indiana Jones

He also wants to make the movie different to the games in terms of its narrative. This is why the movie is a prequel that will tell the story of a younger Nathan Drake. It will be an origin story between Nathan Drake and his mentor Sulley. That being said, the movie is still expected to include lots of action set pieces and still hopes to maintain the same tone and experience of the video games.

Tom Holland has been cast as the young Nathan Drake. No other cast members have been announced yet. Not to mention the movie still has no release date either. Hopefully Sony is able finally release the film eventually.

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