Early Box Office Prediction For Deadpool 2 Made In North America

Deadpool 2 is due out this May and it's the follow-up to the popular first movie that came out in February 2016.

While buzz for the sequel is looking very positive so far, early tracking for the film suggests lightning will not strike twice for the franchise.

Box Office Pro has analyzed tracking for Deadpool 2 and signs are that the movie will make a less money in North America compared to the original film.

The main reason for the dip in revenue is due to much stronger competition and the lack of a Holiday weekend.

The first Deadpool movie did really well opening during President's Day and Valentine's day.

Not to mention its opening in February meant there was a lack of competition at the time since Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice wasn't out until late March back then.

Deadpool 2 on the other hand is opening on May 18th which is not a holiday or special occasion of any kind.

Not to mention its release date comes out three weeks after the release of Avengers: Infinity War and a week before Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Pretty much all three films are targeting the same type of audience so there is sadly a lot of competition.

With that in mind, Box Office Pro predicts Deadpool 2 will open in North America with $100 million with a domestic total ending at $242 million.

This is a drop from the $132 million opening the original movie received. The domestic total for the first movie as well was a mighty impressive $363 million with a worldwide intake of $783 million. 

Bear in mind, this is just early tracking numbers so the Box Office figures could change drastically closer to Deadpool 2's release date.

After all, nobody predicted that Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle would gross lots of money going up against Star Wars: The Last Jedi last Christmas!

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