Screen Junkies Releases An 'Honest Trailer' For The Justice League Movie

The Justice League movie came out last year, although sadly the film did not meet expectations. Sure the movie was enjoyable to a certain degree, although it was not as perfect and epic as it could have been. 

YouTube channel Screen Junkies has now uploaded their 'Honest Trailer' for the Justice League movie and they do not hold anything back. The video pulls apart pretty much every flaw that the movie has from a visual and storytelling standpoint. 

The one thing that is heavily focused is with the movie's average looking CGI. Pretty much every scene in the movie has a CGI backdrop with questionable looking color palettes. 

However, the CGI that is mostly criticized is with Henry Cavill's mouth. Cavill's mouth had to be rendered in CGI since Paramount Pictures wouldn't let him shave off the mustache he grew for Mission Impossible: Fallout. 

In terms of the plot, that gets mocked as well in this Honest Trailer. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice had a very dark tone with a polarizing Superman figure. 

In Justice League though, the dark tone is all but forgotten and it seems as if Batman's beef with Superman never existed.

Not to mention the people of the world see Superman as a happy savior which is the opposite feeling they felt in Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The villain Steppenwolf is also highlighted as one of the film's biggest problems. He's just a generic CGI bad guy with no proper character development whatsoever.  

The YouTube channel comes to the conclusion that the film just falls somewhere in the "middle" of the DCEU with Suicide Squad at the very bottom and Wonder Woman at the top. 

Anyway, you can watch the Honest Trailer down below. Personally, I did not mind Justice League as I thought it was entertaining, although I agree the film could have been much better. 

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