Dragon Ball Super Director And Producer Talk About The Ending Of The Series

A new interview has been conducted with Dragon Ball Super's director (Ryōta Nakamura) and producer (Satoru Takami) where they talk about the creative process of the series.

The more interesting parts of the interview talk about the upcoming episodes that will conclude the series.

As translated by Kanzenshuu.com (via Herms98Twitter), both Nakamura and Takami talk about the end of the series, Nakamura confirms that the Tournament of Power won't have an ending where we see Goku blast Jiren with a Kamehameha like other villains.

Nakamura also confirmed in the interview that Jiren is not considered to be a villain. It's just that Jiren has had a troubled past that motivates him to become stronger and to succeed. 

Another interesting thing Nakamura mentioned is that he said the end of episode 131 "is very fitting" with the whole saga concluding the stories of both Goku and Jiren's journeys.

However, the following comments below suggest Dragon Ball Super might not be the true end of the franchise.

Takami: I hope people’s eyes are glued to director Nakamura’s full-force direction and the ending which Toriyama-sensei has prepared for this story. Personally I even get the feeling that Toriyama-sensei is trying to set up even more stories.

​Nakamura: Even after the story is over, please keep watching to the end and don’t change the channel. There’ll be something special! 

I'm not sure what to make of these comments, but it sounds like there will be more Dragon Ball content for fans to look forward to in the future.

We do know a new animated movie based on thr Saiyans is due to be out in Japan later this year.

Anyway, hopefully Dragon Ball Super is not the true end of the Dragon Ball franchise as a whole. Thanks to the additions of new characters and universes, there's far more diverse stories that can be told. 

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