Dragon Ball Super Episode 123 Review/Recap: Goku and New SSB Vegeta vs Jiren

In last week's episode of Dragon Ball Super, Jiren was not at full power yet when he managed to knock down Vegeta pretty easily.

While Vegeta is not out of the tournament yet, he's still down so it's now up to Goku to step up.

Jiren called Vegeta a "warrior" which is actually a good honor since Jiren rarely says positive things about his opponents.

That said, Vegeta is still weak and lays down on the ground while Goku powers up to Super Saiyan Blue to take on Jiren himself.

Elsewhere in the tournament, Dyspo and Frieza are still battling at it while Gohan and Android 17 are stuck facing Toppo. Despite having a two on one advantage, Toppo is still too strong.

Android 17 comes up with a smart plan by baiting Toppo into grabbing him. Android 17 then uses a force field like a shield so Gohan can push them both over the ring with a Kamehameha blast.

Although this technique was smart, Toppo manages to break free and both he and Android 17 are still in the tournament. Gohan and Android 17 will now have to find another way to defeat Universe 11's Toppo.

The majority of the rest of the episode focused on the battle between Jiren and Goku. Goku has to face Jiren in his Super Saiyan Blue form for now since he still has not mastered Ultra Instinct yet.

Goku uses some smart strategies in this fight to give him a little advantage in the fight. He uses the Instant Transmission technique a lot of times and even borrows Krillin's Destruto Disc.

The technique is called the Destructo Disc Hexa Blade and it manages to demolish a cliff side that Jiren was standing on. Despite this, Jiren is able to recover quite easily and continues to put the pressure on Goku.

Aside from a few janky animation frames, today's fight was really good because Goku and Jiren did not slow down or talk too much trash with one another.

Jiren is slowly becoming a favorite of mine mainly because he gets to the point quickly.

One of the most breathtaking scenes in Dragon Ball Super episode 123 is when Jiren shows a hint of his true power.

One simple "punch" is enough to knock the wind out of Goku and everyone in the arena is stunned in silence.

To make matters even worse for Goku, Goku says he has never been hit with an attack this strong before. Before Jiren can end Goku once and for all, Vegeta gains his stamina back and rejoins the fight!

The two decide to go 100% full power since the Tournament of Power is nearing its end and they don't have to save stamina anymore. Goku powers up to Super Saiyan Blue mixed with the Kaio-ken.

Vegeta on the other hand thinks about the time he promised Cabba to resurrect Universe 6 back. Vegeta's motivation is enough for him to ascend to a power level higher than that of a normal Super Saiyan Blue.

In what is one of the best scenes ever in Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta powers up to another powerful form unique to that of Goku. Vegeta is now shinier and more powerful than ever before!

Vegeta and Goku finally attack Jiren with 100% power and it seems as if things are working in their favor. Jiren's momentum is slightly off so there is a small chance the two Saiyans can work together to pull this off.

That said, Jiren is still able to hold his own despite being at a two-on-one disadvantage. The episodes ends like that with the fight set to continue in the weeks to come.

Today's Dragon Ball Super episode was amazing yet again and it was cool to see Vegeta reaching a new form that is different to that of Goku.

It would have been stale if Vegeta copied Goku and did Ultra Instinct too.

They did not say the official name for Vegeta's new form yet. I'll just call it New Super Saiyan Blue for now until an official name is revealed in the near future.

Next week, it looks like we may have to wait a bit longer to see the conclusion between the Goku and Vegeta vs Jiren fight. This is because next week's episode will focus on Gohan and Frieza facing Dyspo.

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