'90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After' Tell All: Mohamed Insists that Danielle Peed on Him

In an explosive special episode, all of the couples of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After sit down with host, Erica Hill, to reveal major secrets from the most recent season of the dramatic series.

Read on to learn about some of the juicy details of the tell-all.

Mohamed and Danielle

Danielle notes that the last time she saw Mohamed was in Miami. Mohamed notes that he's on the show to defend himself.

When all of the couples reflect back on their weddings, Mohamed is shown refusing to kiss Danielle. Still, Danielle says that she understands why Mohamed couldn't kiss her.

Mohamed notes that he simply didn't know Danielle before they got married. He was shocked by all of the problems that he was faced with when he arrived.

Meanwhile, Danielle states that she feels Mohamed changed a lot when he got to the US. She notes that he stopped being affectionate and didn't want to work.

When Erica (the host) asks for a show of hands as to who believes Mohamed ever loved Danielle, absolutely no one raises their hands.

Mohamed answers a few questions about Luisa -- who he continues to maintain was a friend.

He insists that they were never physical but that she befriended him just to get screen time on TV. Melanie interjects that Mohamed seems awfully entitled.

Everyone wonders why Mohamed wouldn't have just returned home if he was disappointed by his relationship with Danielle.

Mohamed feels that he has the right to remain in the US -- if he so wishes. Still, it's clear that the pervasive belief is that Mohamed was using Danielle all along just to get to the US.

In a sit-down that takes place between Mohamed and Danielle alone, Erica tries to get to the bottom of the conflict between Danielle and Mohamed. Mohamed states he felt lied to about Danielle's financial status.

Danielle clarifies that she re-filed an annulment in the past week and will therefore be seeking to have Mohamed deported. Mohamed insists that the papers filed by Danielle are fake.

Mohamed also reveals that their relationship was physically consummated but that because Danielle reportedly smelled and peed on him, he refused to maintain a sexual relationship with her. Mohamed also denies being gay.

Danielle notes how genuinely hurt she was by Mohamed's actions - at which point, Mohamed begins to accuse her of acting like a victim to get people to feel sorry for her.

Paola and Russ

Paola and Russ discuss their conflict about Paola's racy photo shoot. Paola maintains that because the decision was about her career, she feels comfortable making the choice to take her top off.

Paola and Russ also discuss the stress of living apart. She is based in Miami and he's still in Oklahoma. Paola also discusses taking back her last name and her choice to return to her maiden name.

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