The Marine 6 Announced By WWE Studios; Stars The Miz, HBK And Becky Lynch

John Cena may have started The Marine franchise back in 2006, but the series has continued thanks to The Miz.

WWE Studios has now announced a sixth version of the movie franchise that also stars even more WWE Superstars. revealed that The Miz, Becky Lynch and Shawn Michaels is starring in The Marine 6: Close Quarters.

The movie is being produced by both WWE Studios and Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions.

Production for the film starts on November 27th, 2017 in London. This is the main reason why The Miz dropped the Intercontinental Title to Roman Reigns earlier this week. He needed to take time off to film this new movie.

The story of the movie is fairly simple and straightforward. It revolves around two marines Jake Carter (The Miz) and Luke Trapper (Shawn Michaels).

They have to save a kidnapped girl who has been captured by some dangerous criminals. The two heroes have to save the girl and bring the criminals to justice.

"The Marine series continues to deliver action-packed entertainment to our fans, and we are excited to partner again with Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions and director James Nunn to bring 'The Marine 6: Close Quarters' to a global audience," said Michael Luisi, President of WWE Studios.

"The motion picture debut of the talented Becky Lynch and the addition of Shawn Michaels to the series, alongside The Miz, is sure to bring the excitement and action to the next level."

James Nunn is directing the film while Craig Walendziak has written the script. It's more than likely the film will be direct to DVD. Only John Cena's The Marine movie managed to be screened in cinemas/theaters.

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