Is Justice League The Savior of The DC V.S. Marvel Battle?

Well it has been almost two full days since the release of the official Justice League trailer and it has already reached well over 14 million views and counting. So, does this mean that it can save DC from the harsh critics?

In the new trailer we are introduced to four more huge heroes from the DC universe, while Batman leads the charge. The trailer looks quite promising with huge special effects, awesome costumes and the promise of team work that looks pretty effortless. Before we get to see Justice League, we'll be treated to the Wonder Woman film that dives deeper into the character than Batman V. Superman did. It should set the tone nicely for her massive role in assembling the Justice League alongside Batman.

While we're on the topic of Batman V. Superman, we should note that it met very harsh criticism aside from Ben Affleck's portrayal of Bruce Wayne. So to did the Suicide Squad film, which was very much a let down for fans who expected to see a lot more Joker than they did. These were essentially two of the most highly anticipated films for DC that could have overtaken the huge success of Marvel's universe. However, they both simply lagged behind.

Now, DC has the chance to create a film about a team that would rival that of Marvel's beloved Avengers. Though Superman isn't shown in the trailer, Lois Lane is, and wherever she is, you can bet your behind Superman will be there. This is DC's best looking shot yet at creating and incredible film to quiet the Marvel fans. Only time will tell if it actually has the power to do so. Check out the new Justice League trailer below.

Justice League Official Trailer

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