Watch Trevor Noah Talk Trump, Comey on The View

This week, The View has had some interesting guests. One of those guests was The Daily Show's Trevor Noah. Noah was on to talk about comedy, his upbringing, and of course Donald Trump.

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During the show, he said that "in Donald Trump's world, morality and honesty don't apply." He noted that "hope" is a command -- "if you grew up in my house, and my mom or grandmother said 'I hope you do something', you'd better do something."

Noah also talked about his travels, including one trip to El Paso, Texas, which nearly resulted in his deportation. He explained that he was in El Paso and didn't have any documentation. He ended up at the border and accidentally walked across the border. When he tried to return to the U.S., the guard didn't let him. He told the guard to look him up online.

You can watch the clip from The View, in which Joy Behar, Sara Haines, and Whoopi Goldberg discuss politics with him below:

Noah has recently been making the rounds promoting a book called 'Born a Crime', which details his live under apartheid. In the book, he recounts stories of how he wasn't allowed to walk on the same side of the street as his father, and how because his skin was lighter than his mom's, he couldn't hold her hand in the presence of authorities.

He also writes in the book about eating wild spinach because he had no money for food, or pushing his mom's car downhill because they couldn't afford gas.

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