Rumor: New Star Wars Trilogy (Or Episode IX) To Be Filmed In Scotland In June 2018

It looks like Disney is going ahead with the new Star Wars trilogy being directed by Rian Johnson. The first film in the trilogy could start filming in Scotland as soon as June 2018.

This report comes from Daily Report which is a tabloid newspaper based in Scotland. A source gave them this exclusive information and you can read the statement down below.

As is now customary with any Star Wars production, the movie is shrouded in secrecy but they want to shoot scenes around the Rest and Be Thankful. Further filming has been penciled in for elsewhere in the country

Some of the locations that are being filmed include Argyll as well as the Rest and Be Thankful (pictured). Both locations fit the Star Wars criteria suitable for looking like a place from the galaxy far, far away.

We are only reporting this as a rumor because Disney has yet to officially announce more details about the new Star Wars trilogy.

It's possible the film in question could be Star Wars: Episode IX ,but we will have to wait for more info.

Episode IX might make more sense since it's being released in December 2019. The new Star Wars trilogy hasn't even been written yet and details are very scarce at the moment.

The new Star Wars trilogy will be set in a new galaxy following fresh characters not based around the Skywalker family. It could be similar to Mass Effect Andromeda as that game was different to the previous ones.

Rian Johnson is still pegged to write and direct the trilogy. With the financial success of The Last Jedi, Disney will keep him on board for the foreseeable future.

Johnson will have lots of creative freedom mainly because he does not have to work around existing material created by George Lucas. The trilogy could feel a lot different from the rest of the franchise whenever it gets made.

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