Jon Stewart Lends Stephen Colbert A Helping Hand In A Donald Trump Roast

What's better than Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake getting together for a segment on late night television? Stephen Colbert being joined by Jon Stewart for a Donald Trump roast.

During an episode of The Late Show that preceded Election Day, Stewart made another surprise appearance. Colbert was addressing the audience when he was interrupted by a crying little girl.

When asked why she was crying, the little girl began singing about how scared she was to vote.

Colbert told her she did not need to be afraid to vote. He then broke into song and shared how fun and easy it was to vote.

At the end of the song, Colbert was going to wrap things up. However, Stewart came out wearing his best red, white and blue outfit.

The audience exploded with cheers and Colbert, who seemed surprised, asked Stewart if she had something to saw. Stewart began passing out toffees and said the little girl didn't have to vote if she didn't want to.

Stewart preached that democracy was optional. That is, until he found out that Donald Trump was running for president.

Then, there was a slew of roasting and both Colbert and Stewart agreed that Trump was a worse candidate than Hillary Clinton. You can check out the full video from The Late Show below.

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