Will Ben Affleck Leave The Role As Batman Soon?

It was revealed a earlier this month that Ben Affleck is no longer directing 'The Batman' solo movie. Now there have been rumors that he may walk away from the Batman role altogether. If this turns out to be true, this could be devastating for the DC Cinematic universe in the foreseeable future.

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This new rumor comes courtesy of John Campea in the latest episode of Collider Movie Talk. Campea has heard from multiple separate sources that Ben Affleck is unhappy and may want to walk away from being Bruce Wayne/Batman altogether.

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Campea says his sources could be wrong, although there have been some warning signs that Affleck has been upset over the Batman role ever since Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice came out last year. We all saw the "Sad Affleck" meme that circulated online when the movie came out last March

Affleck is reportedly upset due to the bad receptions of both Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad. Many people actually praised his performances as both Batman and Bruce Wayne, although this still didn't prevent him from being nominated as worst actor at the 2017 Razzie Awards.

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To make things even worse, his latest film called Live By Night has also been criticized by many reviewers. Live By Night is a movie that Affleck both starred and directed in. Not to mention a recent interview that Affleck made indicated that he was sick of journalists asking him about Batman instead of his other movies.

When you are involved with comic book movies, the pressure is huge as both hardcore fans and critics are watching your every move. Ben Affleck might not walk away from being Batman maybe until the Justice League movie comes out this November. That movie has the potential to turn DC's fortunes around.

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For now, his solo Batman movie is expected to be directed by Matt Reeves who helmed the excellent Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Still, the solo movie has not started production yet as Affleck didn't want to rush into it until the script was perfect. Hopefully Affleck eventually decides to stay in the role.

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