New Spawn Movie In Development By Todd McFarlane

A new Spawn movie is finally in the works 20 years after the first attempt of the character back in 1997. The character's character, Todd McFarlane, is going to be more hands-on this time around compared to two decades ago.

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McFarlane confirmed this in a new video on Facebook. He announced that he is working with Blumhouse Productions to get the movie off the ground. Blumhouse Productions has produced many successful movies in the past including the likes of Get Out, Insidious and the whole Paranormal Activity series.

McFarlane is writing the script as he has written the first draft of it already. He is also set to direct the new movie too. Having McFarlane as the director and writer is a good move as it means he should have a lot of creative control over his own character. Some comic book movies fail because they stray too far away from the source material. The 2015 Fantastic Four movie comes to mind...

The first Spawn movie came out in 1997 and starred Michael Jai White in the title role. It was a very bad film with shoddy special effects and it's one of the worst reviewed comic book movies of all time. I remember watching this film when I was younger and being very disappointed at it. White played the role pretty well, but not much else was good about the movie. The soundtrack was awesome which is still far better than the movie itself.

Even though the movie was profitable, a sequel or reboot was never made. Hopefully now with McFarlane in control, this new attempt should be better. Both Deadpool and Logan show us that there is a market for R rated comic book movies.

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