Warner Bros. And DC Planning A Joker Origins Movie

Many comic book characters have an origin story that is passed down to many generations. One character that has never had a proper canonical origin is Batman villain The Joker. Well we might receive one if this new movie being planned gets made.

As reported by Deadline, Warner Bros. and DC are in the early stages of planning an origin story for The Joker character. The weirdest part about this is the fact that it won't be linked to any iteration of the character seen on the big screen. This movie will be a different version of the Joker and a younger actor is expected to assume the role.

If you are thinking about Jared Leto, his version of the character will star in both Gotham City Sirens and Suicide Squad 2 instead. This new origin movie will be based in a separate universe not linked to the current DCEU. Again, this is an odd decision since Marvel has all their TV shows and movies linked to one tied universe.

The Hangover's Todd Phillips is expected to direct this origins movie and will help write the script too. Another person helping to write the script is 8 Miles' Scott Silver. An interesting note is that Martin Scorsese and Todd Phillips are producing the movie. It will be under a different DC banner not tied to the DCEU.

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An origin story was made for the character in the 1989 Batman movie. However, other film versions lacked a backstory. Having no backstory to the character adds more mystique to the character in my opinion. Anyway, it will be interesting to see what they do with this movie.

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