TV Ratings For Marvel's Inhumans Continue To Drop

The chances of seeing a second season for Marvel's Inhumans look very slim at this point.

The viewership for the series continues to drop at an alarming rate. There doesn't seem to be any hope of saving the series beyond its first season.

As reported by ComicBookMovie, this week's episode called "Make Way for Medusa" earned just a total of 2.3 million viewers with a 0.6 score for the 18 - 49 demographic.

This is much lower than the 2.8 million viewers and 0.7 score that the previous episode received last week.

The two-part premiere is still the best performance of the series to date. The first week got 3.8 million viewers with a score of 0.9 in the 18 - 49 demographic.

This is the highest that the series will ever go as it seems there is no chance of the series getting saved now. The number of viewers keep dropping as every week goes pass by.

The reason the series is not popular is due to the fact that it doesn't stay true to the comic book series.

Many of the characters in the TV show do not showcase their powers much and it's quite boring too. Due to the low budget of the series, there aren't that many exciting action sequences that take place.

ABC is already airing the series on a Friday night which means they don't care about the series at all. If there's a chance for the series to get a second season, it would be if Netflix is able pick it up.

However, this may seem unlikely since the series already has a bad reputation. If you like Marvel's Inhumans, enjoy it while you can because it is likely to be gone very soon.

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