Dragon Ball Super Episode 130/131 Titles And Plot Summaries Reveal Mega Spoilers

Japanese magazines have now revealed juicy new details for the final two episodes of Dragon Ball Super. It goes without saying huge spoilers have been revealed today so read the rest of the article at your own discretion. 

As you might know already, the Tournament of Power will soon see its final conclusion with episodes 130 and 131. After that, there will be no new episodes of Dragon Ball Super. 

Anyway, Herms98 on Twitter has kindly translated details of the two episodes that are to come. It appears the Tournament will have an unpredictable finish, although sadly it looks like they are rushing things near the end. 

Dragon Ball Super episode 130 airs on March 18th, 2018 meaning there is no new episode this Sunday on March 11th, 2018. The title is called "An Unprecedented Super Showdown,The Ultimate Survival Battle!"

There is also a detailed plot summary written for episode 120. You can read the full details in the summary below. 

"A minute and a half remain in the Tournament of Power. Goku has had the upper hand battling Jiren. Jiren then concentrates and finally gets serious. Surrounced by a red aura, he dashes fiercely and fires a ki blasy at Goku at point-blank range. Goku is totally blown away. From the spectator seats, Krillin and Master Roshi are worried, but..."

Episode 131 is the final ever episode and this airs on March 25th, 2018. It has a title called "A Miraculous Conclusion, Farewell Goku, Until We Meet Again!"

Really big spoilers are revealed in the plot summary so read at your own discretion. Details are posted down below for episode 131. 

"Goku has fallen from the arena. It seems like Universe 7 has lot, and everyone will be annihilated, but...Having broken through his limits, Goku and Jiren stare at the Zen-Ohs, as of the match isn't over yet. And then, a Death Beam hits Jiren's back. A bruised and battered Universe 7 team member is standing there!"

I'm just hoping the series continues because it cannot end with them not wishing all of the Universes back.

We'll just have to find out what happens for sure on March 25th to see if Frieza can win it all for Universe 7!

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