My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 3 Episode 10 Recap: Does Whitney Get Back Together With Lennie?

Fresh off her breakup, Whitney Thore spills all during an interview with Shaun Robinson in episode 10 of season 3 (the second to last episode of the season).

A theme that echoes through the episode is the concern among Whitney's family and friends about her weight. Several clips from the season's episodes are featured showing Whitney's difficulty tolerating physical activity or taking on new adventures given her current health. Viewers are probably familiar with the episode in which her family actually staged a funeral to reflect how urgent the need was for Whitney to lose weight.

Still, Whitney talks about the need to be on the "offensive" when Robinson questioned why she couldn't recognize that she needed to lose weight to avoid any further episodes of passing out.

Adding to Whitney's anguish is Buddy's bringing up the idea of her looking at her phone to see what online comments are being posted. As Whitney reads the comments on her phone, her tears start to flow.

Will, Whitney's trainer, comes on the show, and a clip runs showing the two training at a time when she'd lost 100 lbs. This season, Will returned to Whitney's life after a hiatus and helped Whitney jump start a healthier lifestyle.

A critical moment in Will and Whitney's relationship comes up in a clip showing Will peeking into Whitney's car, the floor of which was littered with the remains of all of the junk food she'd consumed.

Will reveals this was an emotional moment for him and a breaking point for him in his relationship with Whitney because he saw she simply wasn't being adherent to his recommendations.

This is the point at which he decides to "let [her] go."

Robin brings up Whitney's passion for dance, and a clip runs displaying Whitney's confidence when she dances. Still, when the camera pans to Buddy, he appears frustrated and angry -- though it's not clear what he says under his breath.

A major controversy in the season was Whitney's irritation with Katie for trying to usurp teaching her dance class.

As Whitney later admits, she needs to be the star all the time; Katie's teaching the class makes Whitney feel like her star is shining a little less brightly.

Buddy, Whitney's former roommate and long-time friend is put in the hot seat when Shawn starts asking questions about Whitney's love life. Shawn asks about Buddy's feelings, and then says, "what was it that was keeping you from..." And Buddy responds with, "hittin' it?" He says that he's conservative about relationships, but it's clear that he's basically trying to cover the fact that he isn't attracted to Whitney.

The conversation then turns to whether Whitney is jealous of Heather, after which Heather goes on to discuss her former relationship with Todd.

Life Without Lennie

Whitney starts the segment about Lennie by explaining that she mostly just misses being alone. Whitney's parents explain that they had expected her to marry Lennie, even though Heather and Buddy clearly hadn't.

Buddy elaborates about why he felt that Lennie wasn't that committed to the relationship.

And finally, Lennie appears... Unfortunately, that's it for the episode. We know that Lennie wants to get back with Whitney, but what does Whitney think? We'll have to find out next week.

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