Things Don't Look Good For Marvel's Inhumans

Ever since Marvel's Inhumans TV series was revealed, it has been criticized by both fans and critics alike. The TV show's future now lies in jeopardy due to the amount of negative feedback it has been receiving so far.

This all stems from a recent poster that has been revealed advertising Marvel's Inhumans as the "complete series". The wording suggests that it will only have one season and there are no plans to make any more episodes next year.

Not to mention the series debuted in the IMAX format earlier this month and not many people bothered to watch it.

The TV show is airing on ABC this September 29th, 2017 and there is not a lot of positive buzz for the series. It's likely going to not get good ratings due to the way it has been received so far.

Adding to the negativity are comments made by Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn.

During a Q&A session on Facebook, Gunn does not think there is a positive future for the series. He said: "It does not look like there is much saving left for the Inhumans".

While Marvel movies are still successful and making a lot of money, the TV shows recently have not had the same type of positive reception. Iron Fist and Inhumans are examples that Marvel is not always going to have popular hits.

It will be interesting if Marvel decides to reboot Inhumans and make it into a proper movie like the original plan was. A TV show budget does not seem big enough to recreate something as grand as the Inhumans.

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