Does Anthony Cumia Have Some Dirt To Spill On Howard Stern?

When Anthony Cumia (@AnthonyCumia) was SiriusXM employee he was not able to comment as freely on Howard Stern (@HowardStern) -- the satellite company's golden boy.

It was always very clear that Cumia and his partner Greg "Opie" Hughes did not care for Stern and at various times they addressed that but it always felt that on that one topic that could not be as free as they were on so many others.

With his new show now live on, the former Opie and Anthony host now has no reason to hold back and a fan asked him on Twitter when he planned to share his real thoughts.

Cumia did not answer, but he did retweet the post which suggests he will someday soon let subscribers to The Anthony Cumia Show know how he feels.

Stern was noticeably quiet and refused to back Cumia when he was fired over remarks he made on Twitter.

Cumia and Opie have always spoken in support of hosts fired over saying what's one their mind even when they don't like the particular personalities involved.

Stern had a chance to do that and his voice would have carried some weight with the company but in choosing not to he may have unleashed Cumia's wrath.