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Harry Potter Goes Muggle: Harry Potter Characters Without Magic

The Harry Potter series, both book and films alike has become a significant part of popular culture. In the series, we meet a myriad of characters, all of whom are either witches or wizards. With the ability to use their wands to perform any task they wish, fans from all over the world turn green with envy at their magical powers.

Wiz Khalifa Posts Nude Photo In Shower: Might Be Losing It?

Well it looks like rapper Wiz Khalifa is off his rocker completely after the Amber Rose divorce. Khalifa posted a nude photo where he censored himself by covering up his goods with his hands.

Disney Princes Net Worth: Top Five Richest Princes

Admit it: being a royal would be fabulous. The fame, living in a castle, servants, and having power over an entire kingdom are just a few of the many perks of being part of a royal family. Another obvious upside would be the riches that come with it. Fame and fortune.

Mellavelli Will Be Streaming on Sunday

Mellavelli, the creator of Dragonball Absalon, will be streaming himself animating this Sunday. He made the announcement in a Youtube video, and told people living in other parts of the world what time they would be able to watch him show off his talents.

Venom To Release 'From The Very Depths' In January

The legendary English Heavy Metal band Venom has set January 27th as the release date for "From the Very Depths," their 14th studio album.

Band-leader and only original member, Cronos, had this to say of the album:

An Interview With Hail the Sun's Shane Gann

Shane Gann is the guitarist/backing vocalist of Chico, California's Hail the Sun, whose latest album, Wake, will surely be appearing on numerous year's end lists in the near future.

WATCH: Clips from Houston Meet-N-Greet With YouTube Star Grav3yardgirl

Over the weekend, Bunny Meyer (aka Grav3yardgirl) met her fans and followers at LUSH Cosmetics in Highland Village, Houston, Texas, and she posted clips of the event to her YouTube channel.

What Happens When Disney Meets Puppies?: Complete 'Aww Factor' 'Oh My Disney' Video

With the Frozen craze continuing to flourish after the movies success it looks like Disney has perfected a way to be successful in all that they do. They have created some of the most memorable animated characters and with some help of a few adorable pups, they get even better.

PewDiePie Finishes 'Five Nights At Freddy's 2' Night 6, Will Never Play Again

After many painstaking, laborious hours, PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg) finally completed the sixth night of the scary sequel, "Five Nights at Freddy's 2."

Batman Lightsaber Battling Darth Vader Is As Epic As It Sounds

A new installment of Super Power Beat Down has premiered on Youtube, and it features Batman in a lightsaber duel with Darth Vader. If you are wondering if that is as awesome as it sounds, it is.


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