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'Teen Wolf' Recap: 'Required Reading' Season 5 Episode 6, Shirtless Theo Taunts Malia

This week MTV's hit show "Teen Wolf" continues it's novel driven theme with "Required Reading," episode six of season five. Things start heating up even more between Theo and Malia as he continues to taunt her with a fake friendship but how will Stiles feel about all of this?

Christopher Nolan Makes Short Film on The Quay Brothers

Next month, Christopher Nolan will be releasing a new short film, "Quay." This is the first time in a while that one of Nolan's movies is not a big production like his "Dark Knight Trilogy" and, more recently, "Intersteller."

Ed Sheeran Casted In Kurt Stutter's 'The Bastard Executioner'

Singer-Songwriter, Ed Sheeran, is making his way to the TV screen. The musician was casted in FX's new medieval based show, "The Bastard Executioner."

Earlly Mac & Chuck English Say 'F*ck The Hook' In Their New Track

There is no doubt that Chuck English has been at the top of his game from the days of The Cool Kids all the way up to this incredible collaboration with Dusty McFly titled, "F*ck The Hook."

Have You Heard Disclosure's 'Omen' Single Featuring Sam Smith?

The English EDM Duo Disclosure has made sure that they enlist their friend Sam Smith for their new single titled "Omen" off the upcoming album "Caracal."

MovieBob Reviews 'Pixels': The Movie That Got Everything Wrong

It should come to no shock for anyone that Adam Sandler's recent attempt to get himself out of the cycle of horrible movies has failed.

Flower Toss Wedding Fail Leads To Falling Baby

Normally the ring bearer is the guy associated with dropping things from time to time, even some grooms have dropped brides on occasion, however, this video proves why you probably don't want the flower girl carrying your baby.

(Video Below)

Howard Stern Talks High Pitch Eric's Periscope & DC Police Officer Ticket Offer

The new phenomenon going around is a streaming site call Periscope and as we mentioned last week when High Pitch Eric checked in with Howard Stern's SiriusXM show, Eric seems to be a fan of the platform but Stern isn't a fan of the way Eric is using it, like begging for Yankees tickets.

Wack Packer Fred The Elephant Boy & His Fanny Pack Visit Howard Stern

In yet another Wack Packer feature, Fred The Elephant Boy has made his return to the Howard Stern SiriusXM radio show and he's fully equipped with his fanny pack and a whole lot explicit talk including a discussion of him being a-sexual.

'Naked and Afraid XL' Recap: '40 Days Snake in The Grass' Season 5 Episode 4

This week on Discovery's "Naked and Afraid XL," things go from bad to worst as teams try to survive 40 days and 40 nights in "40 Days Snake In The Grass," the fourth episode of season 5.