Dragon Ball Super Episode 98 Review/Recap: Goku vs. Universe 9 Fighters

The Tournament of Power is underway and all of the universes are trying their best to stay alive or else they will all be erased from existence. This week in Dragon Ball Super, many of the Universe 9 fighters are ganging up on Goku to try and eliminate him first.

Goku is kind of happy to face off against the Trio De Dangers again since they last fought in the exhibition match. However, Goku is still fighting in his base form and the Universe 7 Supreme Kai is wondering why he doesn't turn into a Super Saiyan Blue. Well Whis says Goku wants to conserve energy so he is only going to use Super Saiyan Blue until he really needs to.

Lavender uses his poison hands to try and infect Goku. Goku has an ace up his sleeve because he creates a barrier on his body. This barrier means the poison cannot affect them. Goku faces off against the trio by himself. Can he be able to defeat them all by himself?

On the sidelines, Frieza is taunting a Bat-like character that is also from Universe 9. Universe 9 seems to be wowing Champa who has been cheering on the bleachers. Champa wants Universe 9 to get rid of Goku and Vegeta as he feels they are the biggest threats in the entire tournament.

Goku cannot seem to defeat the Trio De Dangers on his own because they surround him inside the Dangers' Triangle. Goku is still stubborn and is in his base form. He doesn't even want to turn into a normal Super Saiyan. Seeing that he is in trouble, Vegeta decides to help Goku out.

Whis is skeptical that the two can get along though. It's interesting that nobody else from Universe 7 is able to help out too. I guess they were busy fighting their own battles. Aside from the Trio De Dangers, the rest of Universe 9 gang up on both Goku and Vegeta.

Vegeta has his hands full with several fighters including a purple cat lady with claws. Goku on the other hand has to contend with a dragon-like character. Things seem to be going south for the pair until there is a miscommunication between the members of Universe 9. Vegeta eliminates the cat lady and some other fighters. This motivates Goku to become a normal Super Saiyan and he throws out several fighters too.

Frieza intimidates his opponent so Universe 9 is only down to three fighters. The three fighters left are Lavender, Basil and Bergamo. The three join up to blast a huge laser at both Vegeta and Goku. However, Vegeta and Goku finally decide to become Super Saiyan Blue. Vegeta does the Final Flash while Goku does the Kamehameha. The pair have now eliminated everyone from Universe 9!

With all members of Universe 9 eliminated, the Zen-Ohs are pretty much heartless and erase everyone on the team and their Universe. The Zen-Ohs weren't bluffing as they truly do erase Universes. This is confirmed by Whis as he sees there is nothing there. You kind of have to feel sorry for the characters in Universe 9 and everyone living there. Hopefully there is a way to being back all the Universes that have died...

Anyway, this was another strong episode of Dragon Ball Super. Again, it focused a lot on action and it was serious. There's no time wasting characters cracking jokes or anything like that. The only minor thing that could annoy some people is that this episode focused on Goku and Vegeta yet again.

You don't have to worry too much because next week's episode will focus on No. 18 and Krillin. It appears each episode will be focusing on different characters which is cool to see. One has to wonder how this tournament will end. The stakes have never been this high!

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